”Please come and get to know us”

Dear Swedish friends,

We don’t have many opportunities to get to know each other.

I live in a wonderful country: Israel. I have four little girls and have chosen to make the Jewish homeland their home. I hope they will internalize and promote the traditions, values and goals that are what makes Israel the special place that it is. What am I talking about? Some are obvious things: living Jewish lives, celebrating holidays, respecting and helping others, the poor and the weak in our own communities. I hope my kids will grow up to care about others and make the world a better place, in ways you may not know about:

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3 reaktion på “”Please come and get to know us”

  1. ”Israel formally recognizes 15 religions, including Islam, Bah’ai, the Druze religion, and Chaldaic and other Christian denominations.”, but the reality is DIFFERENT!

    When you reply that you’re not spiking Ydish, then they curse you and tell you to go back to your country…

    I have been living and loving Israel, but now I know you and I don’t like to see what have become of this country!


  2. @Jerry: Really can’t sign that. Nobody in Israel told me to ”go back to ‘my’ country”.

    And the thing with deportations:
    Every country deports ”illegal” immigrants. You can find it everywhere, also Europe. This is a problem of capitalism, not a problem of Israel.

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