”The word ‘peace’ is in our everyday life”

Hey friends, or friends to be.

At first, when I heard of Kim’s actions, I was so happy and relieved.
I felt like someone, out there, see more in me than just a headline in a dramatic scene at your local evening news.
He asked us to help him to show you, people of Sweden, the other side. Our side of the story. I told myself: that’s cool. First thing tomorrow morning, when my boss is not around.

Now I’m home. No boss around.
But I feel so tired. I feel small. I think of you guys in your beautiful country, how far you are from all this mess, and I have no idea how I can touch your heart.

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7 reaktion på “”The word ‘peace’ is in our everyday life”

  1. Hey Roey,
    they will not break us, sometimes I think we will.
    Aren’t we too moral to leave in the middle east. I really want to reach my hand to peace but it is brutally being bit.
    I started to think about Australia, Sweden is too cold for me.

    • I really think that by staying you’ll be making our country better and stronger Look at the bright side – we have the greatest weather, loveliest beaches prettiest girls. The last years, GDP is growing and we have more growth and less unemployment than almost any country. Casualties from terrorism are decreasing. More Israeli arabs join the army and more palestinian factories pay taxes to Israel instead of the Palestinian authority, as they realize Israel is the best option around by far.
      Our Iron Dome anti-rocket invention will defend us from rockets in a year or two, Iran will hopefully be crashed by economics or it’s own young people, so in my view – we’re just a step away from heaven :)
      And besides, Australia has that hole in the ozone and Sweden like the rest of Europe will be Muslim in 30 years anyways …

  2. Hi
    Yes – life is being better everyday here in Israel. But I agree – we are too democratic too pluralistic too free for this world area. The ”spring” of the Aab countries brought just more fundamentalism and no democracy at all. I came from Italy to live here in Israel and I never regretted this. But I do not know how all this will end. Kim – help us!

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